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Take the Stress Out of Filing a Claim

If your roof sustained storm damage, you could be eligible for insurance coverage to cover some or all of your necessary repairs. The process can be quite stressful, but not when you work with Roof Medic. We’ve helped countless Charlotte homeowners file insurance claims for their roof, and we’ll help you do the same.

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Insurance Claim Tips

Document everything

It’s important to take photos of damage, repairs, and anything else that you may think is relevant to your insurance claim. Don’t take roof damage insurance claims lightly.

Make Sure to Act Fast

It’s essential to get in touch with your insurance company as quickly as possible. Timely filing is the best way to set the record straight and ensure they are aware that damage to your home has already occurred.

Have a Repair Team on Standby

Besides helping to prevent further damage, a professional roof repair team can help you avoid further technical questions and requirements from your insurance company.

Insurance Claims

Our insurance claim process

Step 1

Roof Inspection

We thoroughly inspect your roof, including the vents, flashing, gutters, and any additional components to find and note storm damage.

Step 2

Filing a Claim

If we find adequate damage, we’ll help you start your insurance claim by calling your insurer and providing the pertinent information.

Step 3

Insurance adjustment

We’ll present our findings in a straightforward and easy-to-digest way. You’ll receive an honest estimate for the options you have.

Step 4

Claim Approval

Once your claim is approved, we’ll create a work order and go over material options with you. You enter our queue with a signed work order!

Step 5

Restoration & wrap-up

We’ll restore your roof and complete a final inspection. Once the final payment is made, we present your warranty info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need help filing a claim?

This is a good question: If you plan on mounting your roof with the inspectors and know insurance jargon as well as the full terms of your homeowners policy and what your entitled, you may not need help! However for most people, it’s simply a good idea to hire someone who knows what your insurance company is looking for as well as what you’re entitled. In many cases, your insurance company is not the one inspecting your property. They hire a 3rd party inspector to perform their inspections, take pictures and give their opinions! We are your advocate on your roof making sure nothing goes unaccounted for and that all areas are properly photographed. Your insurance company doesn’t always want to pay 10k-15k for your new roof and needs to hear why this justified. This is the value we bring.

How long do I have to file a claim against storm damage?

Homeowners have 3 years from the date of the storm to file a claim for any/all damages relating to storms.

How long does the insurance claim process typically take?

It depends. In short, from inspection to installation and cleanup typically take 3-5 weeks. Insurance providers and weather are the 2 big factors of time.

When all the work is done, who does the insurance company send the final check to?

All checks are sent to the Homeowner, unless they authorize the check be addressed and sent directly to The Roof Medic.

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