Replacing your home’s roof is an integral part of being a homeowner. Your roofing system is in place to protect your home from the onslaught of the elements and to keep it dry and clean from moisture, dirt, and debris. People replace their rooftops for many reasons, primarily because their roofs might have sustained some damage or significantly aged over time. Homeowners in Charlotte typically replace their rooftops due to old age, wind, and hail damage.

How These Elements Affect Your Home In Charlotte


Wind damage is a common occurrence in the Charlotte area. Wind speeds in the area easily reach over 80mph, causing significant damage along the way. While North Carolina is not part of Tornado Alley, it does receive quite a number of tornadoes every year. Some common wind damages include wind uplift, destruction to gutters, loosening of soffits and fascias, and more.


Significant storm damage is one of the leading reasons for roof replacements in the US. Storms are often accompanied by intense wind speeds, significant rainfall, snow, or hail. These weather conditions can wear away at your roofing materials, leading to their gradual deterioration. Uprooted trees and downed power lines usually end up falling on rooftops due to severe wind speeds.


Hail has been known to cause significant hail damage in the Charlotte area. Hail has broken rooftops, dislodged gutters, smashed skylights and windows, and more. Large hailstones can fall right through your rooftop if your roofing materials are old or weakened.

Old Age

The roof of your home is an essential component that protects you from the elements. Some roofs may start to show signs of old age and deterioration as it ages. Some signs include roof leaks, missing shingles, moss growth, and more. Old age is the most common reason why homeowners replace their rooftops.

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A deteriorated rooftop will fail to protect your home from the elements and create a miserable interior environment. Call Roof Medic in Charlotte today so that we can get started on your new roofing system and restore your home to its former glory.

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