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Sun Tunnels

A simple solution to add natural light to the darkest parts of your home

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Natural Lighting for your home

velux sun tunnel before and after

Do you love natural light? Or want to lower your electric bill? Sun tunnels just might be your answer!


Using highly reflective metals, natural light is focused and amplified through the sun tunnel and into your home’s darkest areas. In many cases, even the light from the moon is enough to brighten up dark hallways and small rooms. Sun tunnels come in both rigid or flexible tubing, depending on your needs. 


PRO TIP: While we have your roof off, adding sun tunnels and skylights can help cut down labor, since your shingles will be off anyhow.

(Before) Traditional Interior LIghting
(After) With Sun Tunnel Installed
Sun Tunnel Installation Graphic

Natural lighting systems powered by velux

Interested in how sun tunnels work? Watch the video to learn how.