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Did you know that your roof is one of the most expensive and important components on your home? Were you aware the condition of the roof is a large factor in the final price of any home? Why would you leave this large ticket item to anyone other than someone who will give it the attention it deserves!


The Roof Medic is here to help! We offer roof inspection services that provide confidence and comfortability to what’s going on up on your roof! Let us help qualify your roof issue and see if it’s really an issue.

Real Estate Roof Inspection packages

Does your inspection report have statements like “Please contact a qualified & licensed roofer to further assess” or “Roof too steep or dangerous to access”? Look no further! Roof Medic is here to properly identify and resolve your roofing issues. 

Don’t need an assessment? Check out our Roof Tune-up package. A quick tune-up to your roof to make sure its in presentable shape for potential buyers.

*All packages include a Roof Medic reviewing your inspection report.

Real Estate

$ 350
  • Visual Inspection
  • Gallery of Images
  • Weather Report
  • Brief Assessment
  • Recommended Repairs Estimate
  • Replacement Estimate (if needed)
  • Justification Letter (if needed)


$ 350
  • Visual Inspection
  • Blow off debris
  • Caulk exposed nail heads
  • Fix nail pops
  • Re-collar pipe boots
  • Reset loose of slipped shingles